U18 Four Nations Tournament 2022

Facts, stats and the All-Star Starting 5


All-Star Starting 5

The All-Star Starting 5 selection is based on the following criteria:

  • Overall index and statistics
  • Top ten positions in individual statistical categories for the tournament
  • Team leader in individual statistical categories
  • Match-winning performances

Men All-Star Starting 5

Aivaras Uosis (Ire)

21.5ppg, 6reb per game, 65% shooting, ave. index 22. Top scorer and highest ave. index in tournament

Tony Ezeonu (Ire)

14.5ppg, 7reb per game, 58% shooting, ave. index 19. Second in ave. index and 3pt%, 4th in FG%

Oliver Wright (Wal)

14.5ppg, 9.5reb, 4ast, 4stl per game, ave. index 18. Led all men in rebounds, steals and assists

Jason Soodeen (Eng)

10ppg, 7.7reb, 4stl in just 13mins per game. 14pts and 10reb vs Wales in tournament decider. Led all men in steals

Zamoku Weluche-Ume (Eng)

15.7ppg, 6.7reb per game, ave. index 17. Most blocks, 2nd highest scorer in tournament.

Women All-Star Starting 5

Carys Roy (Wal)

18ppg, 19reb, 3ast, 4.3stl per game, ave. index 34. Lead all women in rebounds, minutes played, ave. index, 4th in ppg

Isobel Bunyan (Wal)

23ppg, 7.7reb, 4.3ast, 4stl per game, ave. index 29. Lead all women in ppg, assists and steals.

Sarah Hickey (Ire)

18.7ppg, 7.7reb, 4stl per game, ave. index 25. 4th in FG%, 2nd highest ppg, top for steals.

Leia Edwards (Eng)

11.7ppg, 15.7reb, 3.7ass, ave. index 22. 2nd in rebounds, 2nd= for assists.

Olivia Forster (Eng)

18.7ppg, 4reb, 3ast, 3.3stl per game.3rd in steals, 2nd in ppg, 28pts in tournament decider vs. Wales

Team MVPs


  • England – Jason Soodeen
  • Ireland – Aivaras Uosis
  • Scotland – Euan Birch (Lead the team in ppg, rebounds and steals).
  • Wales – Oliver Wright


  • England – Leia Edwards
  • Ireland – Sarah Hickey
  • Scotland – Aoife Loftus (Lead the team in scoring, rebounds and blocks).
  • Wales – Carys Roy

Many thanks to Duncan Mackenzie and Owen Parker for compiling the stats.

Re-live the games

You can watch all the games on the Basketball Wales Youtube channel

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