Meet the Board members

Here’s your opportunity to get to know our volunteer Board member a little bit better

Introducing Jonathan Kurtz-Shefford – Legal Director

A native of New York City and ardent Knicks fan, Jonathan is also a solicitor and Peter Lynn and Partners. His love of the basketball game and experience within the legal sector is a highly valuable asset to Basketball Wales and its vision of developing the sport within Wales.  
In his spare time Jonathan enjoys spending time with family and friends. Jonathan is keen sportsman, he enjoys playing golf and basketball. 

Why I love basketball?

As far as sports goes, it is has to be my favourite, I know I love the game but have never been asked why! Basketball does not discriminate, anyone can play, all you need is a ball and a hoop. You can play as a team or simply on your own. The game provides for many transferable skills, whether that is to other sports or life even. The team dynamic and element is addictive, each player has their role to play at all times, it is fast paced and at all times your engaged within the game. It’s the perfect all-rounder! 

Vision for Basketball in Wales  

I would love to see the game continue to grow from strength to strength from the grass roots up. Engagement and up-take by schools to promote and teach Basketball is key. This is over and above the traditional main sports played within schools that being the Rugby, Netball and Football etc. By no means do I want to see these sports replaced by Basketball, I would like them to have equal standing within the rotation of sports taught and encouraged. Nearly every school will have a gymnasium and/or an outdoor multi use games area that can facilitate, I would love to see them being used to their full potential! Then, naturally, larger junior and senior leagues will follow over-time to feed into our National Programme. 

Why be a director and volunteer my time and expertise? 

I think the answer will be the same for each and every board member, volunteer, coach, player, parent so on and so forth. We all just want to see such a great sport continue to grow and develop within Wales. Being a grass root sport, funding is limited, therefore without volunteers, Basketball in Wales would not be where it is today and continue to go from strength to strength.  

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