How to install your new nets

Please read the guidance on installing your new net before you head to the court.

Don’t try and install the net or take down the old net on you own, enlist the help of a friend.

Take a suitable step ladder and set it up underneath the hoop. Make sure the ladder is on even ground and remember the to maintain 3-points of contact at all times (2 feet and a hand on the ladder, or two feet on the ladder and a hand on the basket).

Don’t try and install the net if it’s windy or raining.

If the hoop has net loops…

  • Loop the first net loop through the basketball rim.
  • Push the net through the first hook on the rim.
  • Pull the net loop down and spread the rope across the hook. Pull tightly to secure.

If the hoop does not have hooks to install a net…

  • Use the cable ties (supplied loose) or heavy duty tape. Please make sure that the cable ties are kept out of reach of children.

Simple as that…test the net and remove any wrinkles by pulling down on the bottom of the net.

Remember to add the sticker to the post or nearby fence…anything suitable really!

You’re done and it’s time to play basketball and enjoy the new net.

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