Facilities Support

The information in this section is designed to provide guidance to assist our members with the aftercare and maintenance of their courts. We have also included useful information to help those looking to install any new courts or those requiring refurbishment for their existing facilities.

Aftercare and Maintenance

The most important thing to remember is that every floor will require regular maintenance and aftercare. This will preserve the aesthetics but also cruicially the performance characteristics. Not cleaning regularly can lead to deterioration of the playing surface, making it slippery and unsafe for users.

(image depicts Professional Chemical Clean)


There are various processes available to rejuvenate your sports flooring without the need for replacing. This includes sand or scrub and re-seal, and re-applying new line-marking. In addition, an existing can be refurbished to reinstate the slip resistance depending on the condition of the existing floor. Options include PU Colour Coating Re-application or PU Re-coating and Repair System. Both systems allow for the updating of line marking and inclusion of a bespoke logo to individualise your facility.

(images depict PU Colour Coating Re-application)


There will come a time when a sports floor is at the end of it’s life and requires replacing. There are now various options for new sports flooring depending on maintenance budgets, single or multi-sport usage and preference of material type from traditional sprung timber flooring or a sprung synthetic floor, however, a professional and reputable sports flooring specialist will be able to guide you through the various options depending on your requirements.

(image depicts newly laid sprung timber floor)

For further information please click on the links below:

Our ‘Official Sports Flooring’ Partner DYNAMIK Sports Flooring have provided a link to their website which provides more in depth help and information: www.dynamiksportsfloors.co.uk

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